December 11, 2008

All we have is the very moment

Its been a rainy few weeks here at school, and that combined with finals and school stress has resulted in a lot of comfort dressing on my part. I haven't worn a skirt in god knows how long...I think I am in desperate need of some new ones. (I might even try to teach myself how to sew..I have been in search of a jersey maxi skirt for the longest time, so why not make one?)

My first look is what I wore today for my last day of classes. In a week and a half I am free for the entire winter to bum around at home and maybe make some trips to the city. I have been really lazy hair-washing-wise, hence the beanie hiding my dirty locks, but soon I will be sporting freshly washed hair :)

My second outfit is from a few days ago. Isn't oversized flannel the best clothing invention ever? It may not always be attractive, but damn if its not comfortable and warm. I believe my flannel in particular belonged to an obese truck driver; at least thats my theory. And I finally have a picture of the converse I meticulously studded after falling in love with the heinously expensive Free People version that was featured in a Teen Vogue editorial a few months back. They are my new shoe love, and I figure go with just about everything.

First Look: printed thermal-Primp; wet-look leggings, beanie and knee socks-F21; blue patterned sweater-Vintage Betsey Johnson; cowboy boots-Chelsea Flea Market

Second Look: flannel-Thrifted; jeans-BDG; grey hoodie-AA; scarf-H&M; converse sneakers


Sasi said...

Those studded Converse are to die for! You studded them, didn't you?

Miranda* said...

yea, i did them myself; they took forever and my hands were bruised and sore, but it was so worth it!

the free people version was like $145, which is totally ridiculous when you can make them yourself for next to nothing :) i highly recommend it