November 12, 2008

Cause Your A Dream To Me, Dream To Me

Today I christened my polyvore account. I always love looking at the fantasy outfits people put together on polyvore; its like one giant dream closet.

For this set I put together pieces that I felt had a certain autumnal gothic look. I am really into baggy tees and lacey black bras right now, hence the Topshop tee and Calvin Klein lace bra. The Hermes Kelly bag is just a dream bag for me..I love that it has a long strap so you can wear it across-the-body for convenience. I added the doc martens for comfort and a little bit of whimsy. I've been searching for the perfect floral docs for a while, but these are the best I have found so far. Finally that feather cap is A-mazing! I am totally in love with it. I decided that I either have to own the cape or the beautiful Mongolian fur vest from Topshop..I think it was Val's fuzzy vest that made me realize this necessary addition to my wardrobe.

I'm taking requests for sets, so let me know what theme you would like to see :)


terren said...

Yes, I looove polyvore. I could be on it all day everyday. I would love to see something wintery themed/festive for the holidays!


Gorgeous furrr! Love this whole set! :)

Thanks for your comment, here I am, wishing it was cold enough for some fursss :)

Val said...

haha, not a problem. :] Thanks for linking. I've been looking for a black fur/feather vest for the longest time, and that one is absolutely gorgeous.

Reena Rai said...

Looove this set! Very Erin Wasson outfit

Miranda* said...

fashion dreamer - i love erin' style...if i had the money and the wardrobe i would want to dress like her everyday!