November 21, 2008

Just thought I would share some of my recent fashion illustrations. I am currently an art student, however I work predominantly in photography, so this is my attempt to get back into the basics of drawing.

I've always loved illustration...when my sister and I were little and my mom would read picture books to us I was always more interested in the drawings, and she was always more interested in the words...shes now an English major, and I'm now an Art major. Go figure.

I guess the inspiration to do more fashion related illustrations really came from being enamored with the illustrations of Danny Roberts . His images are just so whimsical and exciting. (The pink cheeks are cute too!) I also really love that his style is so clear and focused no matter the medium he chooses to work in. Most definitely something to aspire to!

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Val said...

I'd love to trade links :) I've added you on my blog list.

Your artwork is stunning, I really like your style. You should really post more of your work up.