November 01, 2008

You're Nobody Until Your Talked About

So here is the final product of my Blair Waldorf inspired halloween costume. It was a lot of fun to be the "Queen B" for a night and the costume was very comfortable to wear which is a total plus on halloween night.

I was lucky enough to have one of my friends dressed up as the infamous Mark Hunter aka the Cobrasnake so I have tons of crazy party pics from last night. Heres just a few of her snaps of me.

In the second to last picture my friend (dressed as Mary-Kate) was wearing these insanely gorgeous Givenchy peep-toe heels, so of course I was inappropriatley fondling them. It was amazing to see a Givenchy shoe in real life...someday they will be mine! Anyway, I hope everyone had a fantastic and safe all hallows eve.

Until next time, X0X0

Oh, and p.s- I saw Zach and Miri Make a Porno tonight and it was hilariously raunchy and awkward. It is definitely a must see for any Judd Apattow/Seth Rogen fan!

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