November 23, 2008

Have I Found You, Flightless Bird?

I'm a huge "Twilight" fan, and I saw the movie twice this weekend. First on Thursday at Midnight, and then again on Saturday during the day. I have to say that I loved it the first time around, but the second time it was even better. The perfect adaptation from book to movie in all aspects.

The movie stayed so true to the book, the acting was amazing-I think just about every character was cast perfectly (which is a very impressive feat), the cinematography was beautiful, and the foreshadowing for the next movie, New Moon, (which is now officially being made due to the extremely impressive opening weekend gross) was great. Not to mention the soundtrack, and placement of songs was fantastic! (I have been listening to it on repeat for a few days now.)

If you aren't familiar with "Twilight" to some degree I am quite frankly surprised. It is the first book of a 4 part series known as the "Twilight Saga," and it is now an amazing movie. I became familiar with it about 2 years ago right before the third book was released, and from the first chapter I couldn't put the book down. Same went for the next two books which I finished in rapid succession in about 2 days while I was on vacation. Now when I look back on that vacation I mostly remember the lingering feeling of reading "Twilight" for the first time.

It is by no means the most well-written story, nor is it the most challenging read, however "Twilight" has something about it that draws readers in in an obsessive way. I could read, and now watch, "Twilight" again and is just that kind of story :)

P.S- I know this isn't fashion related, but I felt that since this blog is about me and my influences and inspirations it was ok. Plus the Vanity Fair photoshoot of the stars from the movie (pictured above) is particularly adorable and beautifully shot. Enjoy

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