February 02, 2009

I wanna live life and always be true.

t-shirt dress, hoodie-American Apparel; green tights-Target; leather jacket-Gap; sunglasses-F21; gold necklaces-Vintage and Grandmothers; cowboy boots-Chelsea Flea Market

Heres todays ensemble. I noticed an uncanny number of well-dressed girls on campus today. Maybe its the warm-ish weather? Not having to bundle up does make one enjoy dressing more.

I am in love with this outfit...its quite baffling, but I really like it. The mix of the low-end sweatshirt and plaid with the luxe fur vest is just genius to me. I strive for this.

Anyone a Skins fan? The new series started with a brand new cast and I actually really like all the new characters :) Yay for raunchy British teen soaps!


Karla said...

thanks 4 your comment:) Love Kane!

Watched the first two seasons..I think it was kinda lame at times but great entertainment! Not sure about what to think about the almost entirely new cast...


kaitlyn said...

cute cute cute vest. and there is nothing better than a dark gray school sweatshirt. seriously. love your blog!!



Jessie said...

it looks like you!

Sasi said...

Love those sunglasses on you!