February 09, 2009


Theres something very sweet about shoulder tattoos.
I love this owl tattoo; what an amazing piece of art. The detail in the feathers and the flow of the wings across the back and shoulder is gorgeous.

I bet any fan of Buffy would find this wrist tattoo quite funny :) The font is lovely too...I'm beginning to fall in love with text tattoos.

Freja Beha has something like 8 tattoos, all of which are sweet, delicate and simplistic. I think that kind of body art is very understated and lovely. The words across her arm and neck just flow with her body. They almost seem natural.

I'm a sucker for anything Erin Wasson, which even extends to her tattoos. The feather on her ribs is quite, and extremely delicate. I'm mulling over the idea of a rib tattoo. Its easy enough to cover up and when I am old and wrinkly I don't think I will be showing of my stomach:)

Ink has definitely been on my mind for the past couple of weeks. I'm starting to save up, but I haven't quite figured out the whats and wheres of it all.

But don't worry Mom, I won't become a billboard ;)

I never thought I would like white leather...but in the form of a moto jacket I think its acceptable...and kind of awesome? Speaking of awesome, this studded leather jacket from Topshop is a beauty :) When oh when will Topshop open it's Soho doors?

white moto jacket-Urban Outfitters; black leather jacket-Topshop


Lo said...

I like the inner part of the arm as a tattoo location.

brittany said...

loooooove frejas tattoos
and that white moto jacket!

Anonymous said...

Hey that owl tattoo looks familiar! I will have to tell my friend Cynthia that her back is floating around online! I love that "this too shall pass" one on her arm.

Sasi said...

I love Freja's tattoo.

Ace said...

Oh my god I love the Buffy tattoo. It took me a minute, but I loveeee it!

Anonymous said...

i`m soooo sorry, but does anyone know whats on erin`s arm? i still cannot read that shit! :P mwaa

Christine said...

I have that white jacket. It's awesome. and I love that "this too shall pass" tattoo.

Anonymous said...

The five by Five tattoo is amazing :) BTVS. best show ever. hah.

Hyacinth Lea Monrou said...

That owl tattoo on her back is super cool! I just can't imagine the pain when it was tattooed on her.