March 10, 2009

the clouds in your eyes, down your face they pour

The week before break is always the worst. You get back all your tests/take all your tests, sit through boring critiques, get assigned essays to do over's just a plethora of work basically. And sadly I don't have the knowledge of future spring break travels to keep me going. Nope, I have no travel destinations that remotely feature sunny beaches, white sand, palm trees, or frozen umbrella drinks :(

To top everything off, today was cold again, so I can't even pretend that its summer anymore, or that I'm close to the equator. Sadness.

wearing: tshirt dress-AA; hoodie-Old navy; tights-Target; knee socks-F21--not pictured:
cargo jacket-H&M; cowboy boots-Chelsea Flea Market


Jessie said...

aaah but there is the memory of last year's spring break

Jules said...

Love the jacket,hey you need to have a break..;D

Baybay Mama said...

very cute style indeed