March 08, 2009

You are my fire

Today I decided that I want to drive across the country this summer on a road trip. I've never travelled for the sake of travelling. Whenever I drove as a means of travel it was all about the destination...I just think its about time for a cross-country road trip. I would love to see Washington state, and the midwest and Cali is always great. Hopefully all my dreaming will come to be in the end. I imagine the United States in August is quite something :)

The Rewatch

I adore this UK lost season one promo.

Armand Basi Fall 09


T.U.K creepers via


"I'm sold."

These rabbit's foot earrings are possibly the most amazing earrings I've seen in a long time. What a concept.

You can find them, and more morbid and creepy accessories (such as jewelry made from human teeth) HERE.

Now I really need some candy colored highlights!

Haider Ackermann Spring 09

Haider Ackermann Fall 09

The sense of emotion in both of these images is just remarkable.
(Photographer: Corrine Day)


Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

oh you simply MUST go on a road trip! great much to gush over!

love the last image very much too and totally agree :)

love LM xxxxxx

KALIN said...

I'm taking a class this semester that is a road trip! You should totally do it. I love those rabbit foot earrings too, they're super rad.

Anonymous said...

is that an old picture of Kate Moss? I can't even tell she has looked the same for the past ten plus years.

Natalia said...

I know that the picture of Kate with the braids were among the first ever taken of her. Right before she took off. They're little pieces of fashion history.