March 14, 2009

"We could go to prom together"

I adore this ruffled and zippered philip lim dress and those crystal cuffs.

Balmain shoes for prom would be killer!

source: Teen Vogue

A few selections of prom outfits I would wear nowadays :)

Heres what I wore to my senior prom.

dress-Betsey Johnson; shoes-Nine West; crystal bead necklace and earrings-Great Grandmothers


Sasi said...

I could totally see me in that second dress, how lovely is it? Do you know by who it is??

I also like your collages, I love the contrast between sweetness and fierceness:)

Have a great week-end.

zoë said...

i had no clue teenvogue had made a prom editorial .
i need to get my hands on it !!
i'm graduating this year and so prom is in, like, three months ! eek .

Baybay Mama said...

your prom dress is beautiful. i love it with the pumps! i was so in love with that editorial.

Anonymous said...

wow...I see your 'fashion sense' is something totally new, huh?

Tiffany Ling Tse said...

The Phillip Lim ruffled zipper dress is gorgeous! I've been wanting that ever since I saw it in the mag... unfortunately, it's wayyy out of my price range!

By the way, I've added you to my blog list :)

cras4 said...

i like the pink skirt the best