May 24, 2009


Sometimes an outfit is so good you just have to post it. MK is usually the culprit behind these ridiculously amazing ensembles, and she was probably the first celebrity whose style I really fell in love with when I first starting getting in to fashion. The great thing about Mary Kate Olsen's style is that she is constantly evolving, but she continues to reuse pieces from her wardrobe years after she first wore them.

In this outfit posted from a few days ago she is wearing some of my favorite pieces from her wardrobe..tons of gold charm necklaces, including the gold "flying fuck" necklace first spotted on her in 2005, her black silk maxi skirt, the infamous giant green stone ring, a gorgeous leather and silver coin belt, amazing 70's style sunnies, studded gladiator sandals, a plaid shirt, and her gorgeous Hermes Kelly. God she rules!


Unknown said...

Oh,i am also in love wit it..Thanks for posting it.Have a great day.;D

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Linda Lu said...

I love Mary Kate. She is one of very few people that can pull off such loose looks.

me melodia said...