June 20, 2009


top-Doe via Urban Outfitters; skirt-American Apparel; shoes- not pictured Jeffrey Campbell beaded gladiators; vintage silver watch, ring and necklace

I wore one of the new shirts I got yesterday while at the mall with my mom and my sister. I knew I had to have this shirt the first time I saw it, its kind of a combination of everything (fashion-wise) that I envision for this summer. Crop top, check. Native American imagery, check. Wolves, check. (For some reason I have a new fascination with anything wolf related nowadays? Can't really explain that one.)

I spent the day frantically searching for a summer job only to come to the realization that this is an impossible feat. There are no summer jobs. Therefore, I am jumping on the bandwagon and expunging my wardrobe via either etsy or ebay. I think I have a good amount of fashion treasures that just no longer work in my wardrobe and hopefully someone else will fall in love with them :) I'll let you all know when I put everything up.

The rest of my evening was spent in a joyous event
...watching Ryan Reynolds and laughing uncontrollably at Sandra Bullock singing "Get Low" by Lil' Jon while doing a Native American spirit dance. Yes, I was watching The Proposal, and it was even better than I expected. Afterwards was delicious banana frozen yougurt with fresh strawberries from Yogen Fruz and now I am happily at home listening to my summer playlist.


Unknown said...

Cute shirt - maybe the wolf fascination is linked to New Moon?

Anonymous said...

I love your shirt. I too have been getting some things together to sell on ebay due to the lack of money in my wallet. I hope it's been going well for you.

In response to your question about my nail polish, it's from Mecca cosmetics and is definitely worth the money - it stays on for ages!