June 04, 2009

laaaaiiiiiddd back

These ladies all possess an inherent sense of style that is all about comfort and ease.

Kristen, Daria, Ali and Kirsten Dunst all follow a sort of personal uniform. For Kristen Stewart it is skinny jeans, t-shirts, layered friendship bracelets, leather jackets, raybans and sneakers. For Daria its baggy jeans, plaid shirts, high tops, and vintage tees. Ali Michael sports the classic model uniform of all black: skinny pants, flat boots, and sleek leather jackets. And finally, Kirsten Dunst wears a very casual uniform. She doesn't accessorize too much and she tends to wear jeans, t-shirt dresses, converse and flat boots often.

Behati and Coco Sumner are a little more adventurous. They mix and match and wear lots of patterns, and funky combinations.

I love each girls style for different reasons, but what I like about their style in general is the carefree feeling they possess when dressing. Sometimes we get so caught up in picking the perfect thing and trying to look the most original that it becomes overwhelming to get dressed. I've often tried on 10 outfits and never been satisfied with what I am wearing, but these girls make me realize that sometimes its ok to follow a uniform, or to dress casually. The classic combo of jeans and a t-shirt can be fashionable.


Anatasia said...

yep. Be cool man.

I work in a music store with all dudes, so dressing down is a must!!


Sasi said...

Gosh, Kristen has got such a cool style!

Roxy Starr said...

this is def laid back and great picks.