June 22, 2009

the eastsiders

I've kinda adored Michael Pitt since his stint on Dawson's Creek, so when I was leisurely browsing the internet and came across these pictures of Pitt with Alexis Dzeina I was a little excited. Those platform boots are sick, and I love all the braids on Alexis.

I also learned that they were both apparently a part of some New York based gang of indie actors...intriguing.


Mcmaris said...

Dude, I so remember him from Dawsons Creek. Before I got to your message at the bottom I was thinking to myself where do I know him from.
Her creeper boots are SICK. I love em!

Sasi said...

Gosh, thse pics are so cool. I've been in love with him since Dawson's Creek. Have you seen The Dreamers?

I love your new header, too.


i like him better with jamie bochert now :)