January 18, 2009


  • visited some friends a couple days ago and we had a mini-photoshoot ^^^^
  • I was gifted an awesome peacock feather hairclip
  • just finished the third season of Friday Night Lights, so so SO amazing; its one of the few shows that feels effortless, and the cast is so impressive, they should have a room full of emmys
  • I need to buy some blood red nail polish stat
  • what do you think of this?


Lauren Goddard said...

Yay, floral docs! And ofcourse, I'll trade links. :)

x x x

Sasi said...

The dress you're wearing in the first pics is so cute, love it! And I like the tank from UO, too!

Marie said...

your outfit are stunning, especially that dress.

& i love the blog (;

Anonymous said...

cute striped dress!

Anonymous said...

your dress is so cute! :o)