January 13, 2009

Unisex Inspiration

Androgynous styles have been very popular for the past couple years and these photographs really represent that for me. In this day and age its seems difficult to understand who is copying who? Are guys dressing more femininely, or are girls dressing more masculine? Either way, I like that the line is starting to blur. Its exciting to know there are more possibilities for women and for men.

The men above all happen to be quite good looking in my opinion, and some of my favorite casual, carefree dressers. I love Johnny Depp's quirky glasses and tie ensemble...even when Depp dresses for black tie events he adds a twist. I'm also very partial to Robert Pattinson's and Johnny Depp's beanies; I too often use a beanie to cover up my dirty tresses.

Franco looks supa sharp in that suit and ray bans...swoon. The Dropsnap street style man is awesome in jeans, funky scarf/hat combo and combat boots! And I would wear Jeff Buckley's head to torso (I imagine the bottom half to be skinny jeans + combat boots) look!

The funny thing is though, most of these fellas are just throwing on something comfy and it works because they are confident. Confidence is key.

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