January 04, 2009

Life isn't measured in minutes, but in moments

I wore this out and about all day; very little time was actually spent at home today. The dress is actually two slips that I have layered and paired with a men's cardigan and leather jacket.

First stop was lunch, then browsing Anthropologie and Barnes & Noble and finally watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in the movie theatre.

The movie was really terrific, and it left me very moved. I have to admit that I cried several times throughout, and was literally in pain from trying to hold the tears inside by the end of the film. A friend of mine saw it a few days ago and told me that it made her really consider things about life that she had never thought about before; I think its one of those movies that really puts life into perspective for you. Not only was it thoughtful, but also funny, sad, beautiful and very engaging; the acting was incredible on all counts.

I'm glad to finally check it off of my winter break movie list, next up is Milk.

purple slip- F21; grey cardigan- Heritage Men's; tights- Target; boots- Dr Martens; leather jacket- Gap; jewelry- Vintage

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