January 15, 2009

[her hands are all twisted, shes pointing at me]

I love this Marc Jacobs collection from Fall 06. It is great inspiration for the coming months. The mix of knits, wool, sheer, sequins and fur is just crazy and strangely sexy.

These are some of my favorite looks from the runway...the sweatpants underneath the fancy sequin dresses? Every other occasion where I spotted sweats under dresses all I thought was NO NO NO, but this is completely genius in its insanity. Marc Jacobs constantly takes things to an uncomfortable level where its so wrong that its right.

I'm going to call this collection the Homeless Russian Ex-Ice Skater outfit...the huge knit scrunched knee socks, boots and sweats combo screams Ice Skater to me. I don't know; maybe its just me.

Happy Wednesday :)

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