December 24, 2008

December 21, 2008


Heres part 2...but I'm thinking a part three is in order.
You can never have too much inspiration :) Happy Sunday everyone!

December 19, 2008

The Greatest, the Greatest

heres a little inspiration post...part 1, theres a lot of photos in my inspiration folder :)

(photos gathered from various blogs, google images,, etc)

December 16, 2008

Maybe This Christmas Will Mean Something More

Heres a little taste of what I hope is waiting under my tree come Christmas day.

What are you wishing for?

December 11, 2008

All we have is the very moment

Its been a rainy few weeks here at school, and that combined with finals and school stress has resulted in a lot of comfort dressing on my part. I haven't worn a skirt in god knows how long...I think I am in desperate need of some new ones. (I might even try to teach myself how to sew..I have been in search of a jersey maxi skirt for the longest time, so why not make one?)

My first look is what I wore today for my last day of classes. In a week and a half I am free for the entire winter to bum around at home and maybe make some trips to the city. I have been really lazy hair-washing-wise, hence the beanie hiding my dirty locks, but soon I will be sporting freshly washed hair :)

My second outfit is from a few days ago. Isn't oversized flannel the best clothing invention ever? It may not always be attractive, but damn if its not comfortable and warm. I believe my flannel in particular belonged to an obese truck driver; at least thats my theory. And I finally have a picture of the converse I meticulously studded after falling in love with the heinously expensive Free People version that was featured in a Teen Vogue editorial a few months back. They are my new shoe love, and I figure go with just about everything.

First Look: printed thermal-Primp; wet-look leggings, beanie and knee socks-F21; blue patterned sweater-Vintage Betsey Johnson; cowboy boots-Chelsea Flea Market

Second Look: flannel-Thrifted; jeans-BDG; grey hoodie-AA; scarf-H&M; converse sneakers

December 09, 2008

Guest Star

I figured it was about time I posted pictures of my extremely fashionable and chic roommate, Meredith, because everyday she just looks so cute and pulled together.

This outfit is my new favorite of Meredith's. She used a thrifted pleated maxi skirt she bought over the weekend, and rather than cut it, limiting the uses, she pinned it so that it became a mini bubble skirt. Since the skirt is just pinned, she can wear it in the future as a high waisted long skirt, or even a strapless mini dress (which is quite adorable and summery!) The skirt is shown here paired with some of her closet staples, such as the brown leather riding boots, large buckled waist belt, orange pashmina, and a plain black turtle neck sweater.

The final toppings are a new Forever 21 rose ring, a boutique bracelet (similar to the one by CC Skye) and a J. Crew bright blue pea coat.