June 30, 2009

i just had a heart attack!

I really need to see this beauty in person. I know if I had $850 I would totally cough it up for this gorgeous bag.

I wouldn't mind owning these uber comfy, and chic, sweats either. Available here.

June 29, 2009

mark's (and my) muses

all images via cobrasnake

These ladies all possess that certain something; the beautiful hair,the interesting makeup, the outstanding style,the right smile. Mark Hunter has captured 'it' in the mayhem of the party scene around the world.

8 days and I'm no longer a teen

Birthday Wishlist :)

sources: urbanoutfitters, hbo, zappos, amazon

In my dreams....

bliss lau via bonadrag

black leather

found at topshop.com

I love the accent of a little leather and metal. When everything else is breezy and light for summer, these accessories give life a little edge.

June 26, 2009

on the playground love

eagle print muscle tee-diy Target; pleated skirt-Thrifted; socks and sunglasses-Forever 21; jelly sandals-Urban Outfitters; clutch purse-Calvin Klein; jewelry-All Vintage

I had a little photo shoot today with the help of Elizabeth.

I was kind of inspired by the shots by Corrine Day and Sofia Coppola on the set of The Virgin Suicides. You know, those dreamy sun-filtered photographs where Lux and the sisters playfully spin and frolic happily for the camera in fields of grass. It felt like one of those days; the heat, the humidity, the old-school rock playing in my car.

I plan on spending the remainder of my night rolling coins and watching The Craft on dvd. Oh, and contemplating what to wear tomorrow night at my friend Lorraine's fancy welcome home party. That lucky duck just got back from 3 weeks of fun in Greece!

To flee is life; To linger is death

I watched an incredible movie last night, Let the Right One In. Its a swedish movie about a 12-year-old boy, Oskar and the 12-year-old vampire girl, Eli, who he falls in love with.

Possibly one of the sweetest, and most hauntingly disturbing movies I've seen. It is gorgeous and quiet and peaceful while also being dark and terrifying and eerie. I love a film thats beautiful to look at, as well as being interesting and thoughtful.

June 25, 2009

i've just seen a face i can't forget

all images collected from random fansites, blogs, etc.

some inspirational faces and outfits of the moment.