June 08, 2009

yan yan yum yum

My day was fairly low-key seeing as I don't have a job yet :( I went running around noon and boy was it hot! Adding together my complete lack of running capability and the sweltering heat and that equaled me not fairing so well, but I did manage to get more of a workout in later on in the day when I had a mini one-person dance party in my room to the song "Let It Rock" by Kevin Rudolf. I have to say I am a sucker for that song, its just so catchy and it has such a good dance beat.

After my first workout in eons, I dropped my sis off at the bus stop and then stopped at an international supermarket on my way home. Thats where I picked up these amazing Asian goodies. I love Asian candies and snacks :) Yay for yan yan!

The rest of the day was spent with laundry, and old episodes of One Tree Hill, The OC, and Beverly Hills 90210 on Soapnet. So good. I think I might want to get into the original 90210, Dylan's such a hunk!

Hope everyone's day was amazing!


Unknown said...

Oh wow! Love Yan Yan too.;D You made me want to buy one here..Thanks for sharing.Have a good day.;D

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pink horrorshow said...

Ahh, all those goodies remind me of my childhood. I stopped eating the gummies since the cavities started appearing lol.

Yeah, I'll admit to liking that song too :P