June 06, 2009

borrowed jewels

I found these lovely pieces in my mother's jewelry box. Of course they are just on lend (as she likes to remind me) but they are a nice little addition to my daily jewelry for the time being.
(ring and bracelet from India, and the cross necklace is unknown but was my mother's when she was 12)

My mom bought me some Urban Decay glitter eyeliner, which I plan to use as body glitter as well.

The jewelry I was wearing today.
(vintage necklaces and snake ring, earrings gifted-from Colorado, bracelet from f21)

A little view of my desk/perfume counter.
I only really wear the Marc jacobs "daisy", and occasionally the Vera Wang "princess", but I inherited all of my grandmother's antique perfume samples and bottles. They really are just the sweetest things...even if they do stink up the whole house and induce killer headaches when opened.

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