February 26, 2009

There are times I lose my worried mind

sick today.
missed class.
spent the majority of my day in bed sleeping and watching the first season of lost.
learned that I have the BEST roommates/friends ever.
and that lost is ridiculously good at continuity...
good night.

February 25, 2009

Blue Crush

After seeing these new outtakes of Kristen Stewart from the March issue of Nylon I really want to get some temporary blue streaks in my hair.

Anyone know a good brand of hair dye?

February 23, 2009


* = favorite collections

William Rast

Tracy Reese

"Future crazy cat ladies"

*Topshop Unique

"Homeless Post-Apocolyptic Game Girls"

*Richard Chai

*Rachel Comey

"Grunge meets grandma"

Proenza Schouler

Max Azria

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Jill Stuart

Erin Fetherstone

"Life-size music box ballerinas"

*Doo Ri

Charles Anastase

Betsey Johnson


Alexander Wang

*3.1 Philip Lim

The BEST = fur accents; lots of layering; beaded tights; photo print t-shirts
The WORST = dissapointing Alexander Wang collection; lots of copies; muy caro!

February 22, 2009

Metal Head

Icing nail polish-Metal Head

February 20, 2009


My New Obsession


I want to invest in my first designer handbag but I keep finding more and more candidates (or 'dream' candidates more accurately). Heres what I have been looking at lately. I really love Miu Miu handbags..they seem very universal and luxe, but I think the bag is too small for the amount of money it costs. I need a little more space than that. The Alex Wang is truly kick ass and I think I would love it, but $725!?!?! Finally these Rebecca Minkoff Morning After bags are gorgeous leather caryalls. They are certainly practical for day wear, but not useful during a night out on the town. I would however be able to carry my necessities, a sketchbook and my camera...maybe even a change of clothes :)

rebecca minkoff- approx. $595

alexander wang- approx. $725

miu miu- approx $420


Betsey Johnson Spring 04

Source: style.com

While casually rifling through this season's new looks for Fall I figured it wouldn't hurt to delve into the records of Spring runway shows past. I was particularly drawn to this Betsey Johnson collection and it's theme of 'babydolls come to life and ready to par-tay.' Plus I'm a sucker for ruffle socks, sparkles and chain jewelry :)

February 18, 2009

I scream, you scream, we all scream

My camera is currently out of batteries so I've been using photo booth a lot. The quality kind of sucks but I think poladroid makes everything look better, kind of.

I wore this yesterday. I had one of those days where you can't decide on an outfit if the world depended on it. I really hate those days.

cargo jacket-H&M; pink mongolian fur vest-Topshop; dark wash skinnies-BDG; black pocket v-neck-Gap; black moccasin booties-Minnetonka w/ DIY studs; rosary-Vintage


a little style inspiration from the streets of New York...I think I'm more interested in street style this year than the fashion shows :(

I read that Natasha Poly's shoes are Miu Miu, but they look just like my pair of Jeffrey Campbells...Very interesting

Tie-dyed bell bottoms with ruffles make me very giddy.

I love Iekeline's new icey platinum hair; I would say its daring except look at her outfit :)

I guess creepers shoes are making a comeback...I'm not sold yet.

I love this scarf, not sure what the material is, but it looks oh so cozy.

That drapey grey top and those harem-style jeans look so comfortable. I'm a big believer in comfort; its kind of a problem in the fashion world :(

This Christopher Kane monkey dress is crazy and beautiful and ridiculous and amazing...Its fun and I think Julia paired it down very nicely so that it didn't scream "I'm wearing a psychotic monkey on my chest." I think photographic designs on clothes are coming back...back in the day I adored this Limited Too muscle tee I owned that had a photo of a kitten wearing a tiara with the words "Girls Rule" on it :) Wish I still had it...

photo credits: Sartorialist, style.com, teen vogue

February 16, 2009

You'll remember me when the west wind moves

I was informed today that someone thinks my blog is fabulous! :)
A nice surprise for a dreary, freezing Monday morning :)

Thanks Andie!

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The lovely winners of being fabulous are...
1. Andie at High Voltage
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5. Mimi at Brook & Lyn
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8. Karla at Karlathatsme
9. Handes Closet
10. Jami at Senseless Acts of Beauty

Theres nothing like a good closet clean out to uncover forgotten treasures.
This weekend I went home to help pack up my room. I spent a good deal of the weekend sifting through all the junk I have accumulated over 10+ years. My favorite finds being; a giant Chad Michael Murray poster from Teen People circa 2004 (this now resides on my door <33> Old Navy nail polish from about 1997.

Among the treasures found was this awesome army green cargo jacket. I've been searching for something similar for a while now, and all of a sudden there it was on a pile of clothes to get rid of. Needless to say, I saved this precious coat from that fate.

cargo jacket-H&M via my sis; grey hoodie-American Apparel; cheetah print bodycon dress-Thrifted; pink fur scarf-Dana Buchman; sunglasses-F21

A few other fashion related issues:

First...I spent Valentine's day eating chinese food and watching Confessions of a Shopaholic with my mom and sister. US Weekly may have given it 1 *, but I thought it was quite adorable and funny. Isla Fisher was just the right amount of awkward and psychotically obsessive. How is she married to the creator of Borat??? Krysten Ritter was also cute as the sidekick friend...and don't even get me started on Hugh Dancy. Like the world needs another adorable Brittish actor named Hugh.

Second...I have been browsing lazily the new fall collections on style.com and have yet to be very impressed or astounded by anything....I kind of thought Alexander Wang was a let down. I did love a few things..including the bags, but I will do a post on the pros of fashionweek later.

What are your thoughts so far???

February 14, 2009

Got three dollars burning in my pocket

Urban Outfitters:


American Apparel:

With the weather so unseasonably warm this week I have been considering what pieces of clothing to add to my Spring wardrobe....

BTW, who's psyched for fashion week???