August 29, 2008

Minus One Ponytail

I finally donated my hair to Locks of Love and it feels great! My new haircut is somewhat Freja Beha inspired and somewhat just going with what hair I had left after the ponytail was snipped. Its a lot getting used to after having really long hair for a while, but the good thing about hair is that it always grows back :)))))

Fall Preview: My Fall Essentials Part 2

Heres part deux of the fall essentials collection. First of all, I love my leather jacket; I'm counting down the days until it gets cold enough to wear layers of all black without dying of heatstroke. Secondly, I love love love my knit beanie (even with my new short hair :) ) Thirdly, my knee high black leather boots must get good wear this autumn. Finally, smelling good is always a fall one wants to be the smelly kid in the classroom on the first day of school! I particularly like Daisy by Marc Jacobs, and Princess by Vera Wang.

What are your fall essentials??

August 25, 2008

Train Cases and Indian Treasures: Part 1

I mentioned this gorgeous Indian pyramid necklace in an earlier post and now here is a good picture of it. I found this necklace, among other treasures, buried in my mother's old train case and decided to pair it with a fairly basic outfit. When my mother saw me wearing it she didn't even realize it was her's, which leads me to believe that I can continue to steal...I mean borrow all her other amazing Indian jewelry and belts. This is the first of many posts, so stay tuned :)

Fall Preview: My Fall Essentials Part 1

I'm off to school in a week so lately I have been stocking up on some basic fall essentials. Tomorrow I am going on a mall excursion with my bunnies so hopefully I will have some new treasures to post, but as of tonight this is what I have...

*aa grey tri-blend zipup
*aa black t-shirt dress
*nine west brown gladiator wedges
*thrifted plaid button up
*vintage native american belt, vintage silver indian belt
*magenta fur scarf
*vintage blush suede clutch, tan calvin klein clutch

August 23, 2008

My Picks: Tie Dye Gladiators

When I initially saw these beauties I wasn't too fond of them...clearly my opinion has done a 180. Now I am head over heels in love with the bright blue tie dye! They are gorgeous and they add the perfect bit of color too any ensemble.

Violet Femmes: Bottega Veneta Fall 08

I love the makeup at the Bottega Veneta's fall 08 show. The bright purple eyes are so mysterious yet understated. I like that they used color but made it more subdued. I may have to try this look for my next big party ;)

You're a Bird on a Wire and You're Wrestling

Heres my try at the rolled boyfriend jean. I've had these Gap jeans for a couple years and I haven't gotten very good wear out of them, however they look great with the gladiator wedges. I paired the jeans with my new tri-blend racerback tank and this gorgeous Indian pyramid necklace that I found in my mom's old trunk...I will try and post a picture soon because it is just too gorgeous!

August 21, 2008

God Save the Queen

This here is one of my (many) favorite photoshoots of the dearly loved Gemma Ward. The photographs are not only beautiful and exciting to look at, but they also feature one of the most beautiful models in the world. Gemma can pretty much be photographed wearing anything and still look amazing, but these particular sets and costumes are just inspiring. The feathers, the glowing lights; the wigs. Who doesn't want to dress up and be somebody different for a day? Thats really what I find so intriguing about models and photoshoots, the ability to play a different part everyday and evoke different emotions with just a picture; no words, no sounds. Its truly something you either have or don't have, and Miss Gemma certainly is the queen.

August 18, 2008

Fancy Dressing: Summer Weddings

I spent this past Saturday at an outdoor wedding. While the ceremony was beautiful, it was also very hot; I kept fanning myself with the wedding program! In order to stay as comfortable as possible when out in the August heat I opted for a one-shoulder number and gladiator wedges. The dress is reminescent of Prada's floral skirts but I bought it on sale for $29.99 at Express! I had seen it a week earlier with a tag for $125.00 and when I stopped in the store again they had put it on sale, how lucky! I paired the Nine West gladiators with it because I just thought they added a great tough quality to the girly floral pattern on the dress. I accessorized with a vintage gold and opal ring, vintage silver snake ring, vintage silver arrowhead necklace, diamond studs, and a vintage blush suede clutch. I was very fond of the outfit in the end, I even got a compliment from the bride...thats when you know your dressed well ;)

Anyone else attend a wedding recently? What were your takes on summer wedding attire?

August 12, 2008

Like a Book Elegantly Bound, But in a Language That You Can't Read

Since I hadn't worn either of these skirts in a while I pulled them out of the depths of my closet to wear today. I started the day in the bright blue vintage levis skirt and a black low-back AA one-piece which I wore to get a pedicure ;) Then for dinner out at the best Indian restaurant ever, I changed into my AA pocket skirt, a loose black v-neck, thrifted plaid shirt and my Jeffrey Campbell gladiators.

Now I am off to watch girl's gymnastics :)

Fall Preview: Hats and Gloves

As the temperature outside starts to slowly decline I am looking foward to my fall wardrobe essentials. The fall 08 runways were packed with gorgeous beanies (Prada + Alexander Wang to name a few) and gloves to keep those digits toasty. While Rodarte's gloves are super fancy and decorative, Thakoon's are functional and classic. (Thakoon really brought the long, leather glove back into the spotlight.) My favorite however has to be the elbow length cashmere gloves sported on the Sonia Rykiel runway- they look so soft and comfortable...not to mention warm. I can't wait to buy myself a pair!

*The bowler hat seen on Hye Park for Sonia Rykiel is also a great transition piece for fall. The look was recently spotted on Rachel Bilson, and it added a little warmth to her mini skirt and heels.

August 11, 2008

Stange and Beautiful

Breathtaking. These images put a spell on me. They are gorgeous and impeccably photographed. The detail is just so amazing, and Iekeliene looks amazing, even with splatters on her face. I remember I once read that she saw being a model as being a blank canvas for designers to make art out of, I always liked that philosophy towards modeling.

sidenote: If anyone reading knows the origins of this here photoshoot I would love to know. Thanks!