November 25, 2008

November 23, 2008

Have I Found You, Flightless Bird?

I'm a huge "Twilight" fan, and I saw the movie twice this weekend. First on Thursday at Midnight, and then again on Saturday during the day. I have to say that I loved it the first time around, but the second time it was even better. The perfect adaptation from book to movie in all aspects.

The movie stayed so true to the book, the acting was amazing-I think just about every character was cast perfectly (which is a very impressive feat), the cinematography was beautiful, and the foreshadowing for the next movie, New Moon, (which is now officially being made due to the extremely impressive opening weekend gross) was great. Not to mention the soundtrack, and placement of songs was fantastic! (I have been listening to it on repeat for a few days now.)

If you aren't familiar with "Twilight" to some degree I am quite frankly surprised. It is the first book of a 4 part series known as the "Twilight Saga," and it is now an amazing movie. I became familiar with it about 2 years ago right before the third book was released, and from the first chapter I couldn't put the book down. Same went for the next two books which I finished in rapid succession in about 2 days while I was on vacation. Now when I look back on that vacation I mostly remember the lingering feeling of reading "Twilight" for the first time.

It is by no means the most well-written story, nor is it the most challenging read, however "Twilight" has something about it that draws readers in in an obsessive way. I could read, and now watch, "Twilight" again and is just that kind of story :)

P.S- I know this isn't fashion related, but I felt that since this blog is about me and my influences and inspirations it was ok. Plus the Vanity Fair photoshoot of the stars from the movie (pictured above) is particularly adorable and beautifully shot. Enjoy

And She Said Let Me Sign

It was freezing this entire weekend so I was bundled up in layers upon layers.

The layers usually consisted of shirt, grey AA hoodie, beanie, scarf, fleece gloves, and a coat...and I was still freezing.

jeans-Express; white v-neck tee-Gap; grey hoodie-American Apparel; pink rabbit fur scarf-Dana Buchman; grey wool blazer-Thrifted; cowboy boots-Chelsea Flea Market

November 21, 2008

Just thought I would share some of my recent fashion illustrations. I am currently an art student, however I work predominantly in photography, so this is my attempt to get back into the basics of drawing.

I've always loved illustration...when my sister and I were little and my mom would read picture books to us I was always more interested in the drawings, and she was always more interested in the words...shes now an English major, and I'm now an Art major. Go figure.

I guess the inspiration to do more fashion related illustrations really came from being enamored with the illustrations of Danny Roberts . His images are just so whimsical and exciting. (The pink cheeks are cute too!) I also really love that his style is so clear and focused no matter the medium he chooses to work in. Most definitely something to aspire to!

The Colors of the Rainbow so Pretty In the Sky

Snow snow snow.

That is all.

t-shirt dress, grey sweatshirt-American Apparel; green tights-Target; red peacoat-Gap; cowboy boots-Chelsea Flea Market; beanie-F21

November 19, 2008

You Paint My Fingers and You Paint My Toes

I saw Kings of Leon in concert last weekend; they were amazing!

I tried to dress a little "rock'n'roll for the occasion...don't know if it worked, but I felt dangerous :)

cheetah print bodycon dress- Thrifted; leather jacket-Gap; tights-Target; moccasin heels-Urban Original; chain headband-J.Crew; lace scarf-Thrifted; jewelry-Vintage

November 18, 2008

It seemed appropriate to post this polyvore set since I spotted our first snow flurries today.

I always love a snow day, especially in middle school since it seemed like the day was just made for magic. I remember waddling down the road to my friends houses decked out in snow gear; mittens, boots, scratchy scarves, snow pants. We could have snow ball wars for hours...

When we were finally too cold to continue, and it started to get dark we would come inside put on a movie and drink hot cocoa! Whats not to love?

My favorite part was at night though, when the sky lit up in an orangey hue because the white snow reflected into the sky. Its just magic.

November 17, 2008

Your Smiles On Fire

Heres todays outfit. Simple. Thats the way I like it when I have to wake up at 8:30 am...and yes, that is early for me :)

Its starting to get colder and colder, so soon a jacket will be a must to walk across campus. For now, the scarf was enough to keep me toasty and warm.

I made this cutout shirt yesterday after seeing Camille's version...what a chic update to a basic Hanes tee! I bought a pack of 4, so more creations to come :)

jeans-BDG via Urban Outfitters; diy tee-Hanes; sweatshirt-American Apparel; scarf-H&M; studded moccasins- Minnetonka; jewelry-Vintage and Tiffanys

November 16, 2008

You Drive Me Crazy

I am currently inspired by the styling in Aerosmith's video for the song "crazy". I love the crop tops, leather pants, 90's floral babydoll dresses, lacey bras and pin straight hair. Plus the whole vibe of the film is really carefree and rock'n'roll.

p.s- It features a young Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone...two 90's princesses

These are some of my favorite models at the moment. Some for personality and style ( Erin and Behati). Some for their gorgeous editorials (Karlie and Ali). Finally some cause they are just too darn cute (Hyoni and Chanel)!

I admire the way these girls can translate into blank slates for designers, photographers, makeup and hair artists etc. They are still-frame actresses; some of the best in the business. If modeling had an academy awards....

November 15, 2008

Look Familiar?

From the first moment I saw the outfit pictured above I was in love. The makeup, the hair, the dress, the bag, the jewelry and finally, last but certainly not least, the shoes. The shoes, the shoes, the SHOES! They are fun, and funky, and certainly funny. Compared to her tiny little frame those shoes are ginormous, yet I still was drawn to them. The direction she went with this outfit is more cupcake and bubblegum chic than hobo chic, yet she still looked very signature MK...which I consider to be taking risks and setting trends.

This point brings me to the amazement that are these forever 21 knockoff Giambattista Valli shoes. This MK outfit is over a year old, however these shoes currently reside on the forever 21 website. Outfits that MK has worn years ago are redefining what is fashionable thats a true fashion icon. Someone to be counted among the likes of Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn.

If you were equally smitten with these shoes, they can be found here.

November 13, 2008

Ashley Olsen Spotted With a Dream Bag!

Her whole outfit is casual and comfy...albeit ordinary, but that bag is A-mazing! I want it, I need it, I have to have it!

Anyone know that maker?

November 12, 2008

My Inspiration At The Moment

I Go Crazy, Crazy, Baby, I Go Crazy

I'm addicted. Totally. Completely. A reader requested something festive for the holidays...#2 and #4 are my interpretation of a fun and festive holiday party outfit. They are all a little bit gothic and a little dark, but part of the fun of winter is the lace and fur and black clothes.

More requests...?

Cause Your A Dream To Me, Dream To Me

Today I christened my polyvore account. I always love looking at the fantasy outfits people put together on polyvore; its like one giant dream closet.

For this set I put together pieces that I felt had a certain autumnal gothic look. I am really into baggy tees and lacey black bras right now, hence the Topshop tee and Calvin Klein lace bra. The Hermes Kelly bag is just a dream bag for me..I love that it has a long strap so you can wear it across-the-body for convenience. I added the doc martens for comfort and a little bit of whimsy. I've been searching for the perfect floral docs for a while, but these are the best I have found so far. Finally that feather cap is A-mazing! I am totally in love with it. I decided that I either have to own the cape or the beautiful Mongolian fur vest from Topshop..I think it was Val's fuzzy vest that made me realize this necessary addition to my wardrobe.

I'm taking requests for sets, so let me know what theme you would like to see :)

November 11, 2008

Don't Feed the Wendybird....

I love Erin Fetherston's clothing because it is all about having fun. She makes clothes that are comparable to sprinkled cupcakes and something about that really appeals to my aesthetic. When I watch her collections go down the runway I feel as though I've wandered into a fairytale land...her clothes are all about dressing up and the fantasy of it all.

That is what she carries into the beautiful fashion films she has put together. The first film, Wendybird is completely fantastical. It captures a retro childlike quality in the clothes, the music and the use of black and white. It, like Erin's clothes, is so fun and carefree!

Erin Fetherston also put together a video called Dollhouse when she joined with Target for her Go International line. This video just brings in more of the fantasy element and is SO SO cute! Her fashion films just put me in a good mood and make me feel happy...and I'm sure one would get a similar feeling when dressed head-to-toe in Erin Fetherston. For now I'll just have to dream...

Heartbreak Knockin' em Down Like the 7th Grade

Obviously I am experimenting with my iphoto settings, its just so fun! I like the last picture because it kind of reminds me of a polaroid... without the expensive film.

This was todays outfit. Its a little boring, but I love that I can finally wear my leather jacket since its cool enough. I wish the leather was a little softer, but I suppose I could always just beat it up a little to loosen it up. I also think this outfit needs a big knit orange scarf!

jeans-Express; white v-neck tee-Gap; leather jacket-Gap; black moccasin heels-Urban Original; silver jewelry-Vintage

November 09, 2008

Gold Star

These are some of my favorite Rachel Bilson outfits to date. Most of them seemed to come from a couple years ago...I guess thats my favorite Rachel era. After I went through my Rachel style folder I realized that she has incredible range with her clothing choices. She can look amazing in everything from head-to-toe chanel to ripped up levis shorts and a vintage concert muscle tee. (Thats what I call style)

Rachel consistently chooses very flattering silhouettes and styles. Even though she has a very tiny frame she manages to pull off high waisted, skinny, flair, and boyfriend jeans with little effort. She also looks pulled together at all times, but not overly so (like some other ladies out there). This just adds to her effortlessness.

I'm always awaiting the next Rachel candid...