November 15, 2008

Look Familiar?

From the first moment I saw the outfit pictured above I was in love. The makeup, the hair, the dress, the bag, the jewelry and finally, last but certainly not least, the shoes. The shoes, the shoes, the SHOES! They are fun, and funky, and certainly funny. Compared to her tiny little frame those shoes are ginormous, yet I still was drawn to them. The direction she went with this outfit is more cupcake and bubblegum chic than hobo chic, yet she still looked very signature MK...which I consider to be taking risks and setting trends.

This point brings me to the amazement that are these forever 21 knockoff Giambattista Valli shoes. This MK outfit is over a year old, however these shoes currently reside on the forever 21 website. Outfits that MK has worn years ago are redefining what is fashionable thats a true fashion icon. Someone to be counted among the likes of Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn.

If you were equally smitten with these shoes, they can be found here.

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