October 30, 2008

There's a Freeway Runnin Through the Yard

It was windy and freezing today. I shouldn't be annoyed about this fact since I was hoping for a cool down like two weeks ago...but the chance of snow in October is unacceptable. I just wanted to wear a scarf, maybe a hat.

So halloween is tomorrow, and I am so excited! Does everyone know what they are dressing up as? I am dressing up as Blair Waldorf from my beloved Gossip Girl. I originally wanted to dress up as the infamous Chuck, but Blair is way way WAAAAY easier. I will post pictures tomorrow when I done the entire ensemble :)

blue striped babydoll dress-American Eagle; grey cardigan-Heritage Mens; black tights-Target; black lace scarf-Gift; black moccasin heels-Urban Original

October 28, 2008

Entertainment Weekly= LOVE

Yesterday I was browsing a website full of magazine covers and came across almost all of the covers of Entertainment Weekly since the 80s. I have to say that I missed the WB even more after seeing all the covers the teen actors/actresses were featured on. Most of my favorite shows were staples on the cover back then. Enjoy :)

Your Heart Wont Heal Right If You Keep Tearing Out the Sutures

Today I finally broke out the new Topshop Alex-Wang-inspired sweater dress... and it was love. The yarn is really soft, which I wasn't expecting when I ordered it, and it actually is long enough to wear as a dress with a slip underneath (which is what I did). The only problem with the sweater is that there is obviously a draft :) I suppose a long sleeved shirt or thermal underneath would fix that problem right up.

Overall I give this sweater an A+! I can't wait to spend all of my christmas money at the Soho Topshop!

sweater dress-Topshop; white slip-Unknown; black tights-Target; boots-Nine West; jewelry-Vintage; grey purse-Urban Outfitters

In other news, I started watching the tv show, Fringe, on hulu and I think I actually like it. I loved Joshua Jackson as Pacey on Dawson's Creek, so he is a huge factor in my like of the show, however the plot is also cool in an X-Files meets Lost way. (Of course nothing can replace Lost as the best/most confusing/addicting show ever...the preview for season 5 looks insane and ridiculous and lovely)

Enjoy this freezing, possibly snowy/rainy afternoon :)

October 23, 2008


I finally jumped on the lame legging band wagon and I have to say that I am loving them. Over the weekend while browsing my local forever 21 I came across this high waisted pair and decided to finally give it a try. These are definitely the most comfortable pair of leggings I have worn ( I have 2 other pairs from American Apparel and one fell apart instantly and the other always falls down) probably because the high waist keeps them from constantly slipping down.

Today I went for the more punk/ rocker look, but I feel like I look more like Vanessa Hudgens haha. For classes I wore this outfit with my new converse (which I am now in the middle of studding) and then later in the day I changed over to my Balmain-esque booties (pictured below). I topped of the look with a shrunken red peacoat from the gap via last year.

lame leggings- Forever 21; tie dye tunic tank- Urban Outfitters; white vneck tee- Gap; grey cardigan- Heritage Mens; blue Converse; necklace, ring and bangles- Vintage; studded leather bracelet- Unknown

October 16, 2008

Recently Acquired Jewels

I bought these necklaces last weekend at a flea market near my school. The pearls are fake, however they feel and look as they could be real. The rosary I bought on a whim because it was $5 and I thought it was beautiful. I am not Catholic, however I can appreciate the significance behind this beautiful vintage treasure. I just love crosses...maybe it stems from my love of vampire tales ala Buffy, Interview with the Vampire, and the Twilight Saga. These new additions to my ever-growing jewelry collection will definitely be making many appearances.

See All the Beauty, Repent All Your Sins

Wore this around campus and to class. These boots are actually quite comfy considering they have a bit of a heel on them. I do however foresee them falling apart a little bit...I wish they were at least made of real suede. Beggers can't be choosers though.

black vneck tee-Gap; white denim mini-Gap; brown leather studded belt-AE; black moccasin heels-Urban Original; jewelry-Vintage

October 15, 2008

Falling Out of Reach, Defying Gravity

My Balmain moccasin knock-offs came in the mail today and they are just what I expected them to be. Basically the craftsmenship isn't the best and they smell kind of like new car, and the fake suede is more like velour...but they definitely capture the look of Balmain from a little bit of a distance.

The second I opened the box I put them on and headed out for lunch. I even raked up quite a few compliments within the first 30 minutes of wearing them. I knew that these babies were going to be worth the $19.99!

grey racerback tank-AA; plaid button down-Thrifted; denim shorts-Vintage Levis; jewelry-Vintage; moccasin heels-Urban Original

October 14, 2008

Going Whichever Way the Wind Blows

I found this old Gap denim jumper at a flea market this weekend and on a whim decided to buy it...it also cost only $1 so that always makes decisions easier. Its not necessarily something I would normally wear, but I saw Rumi of FashionToast is always selling denim jumpers on her store so I figured I could take a hint from her.

denim jumper- Gap; grey ruffle socks-F21; black moccasins- Minnetonka/DIY; jewelry-Vintage

October 12, 2008

Studs and Studs and Studs, Oh My!

So its officially official, studs have taken over my life. They arrived in the mail about a week ago and since then I have discovered indefinite uses for these amazing pyramids of metal. I bought the 3/4 inch gold pyramid studs, and the 1/2 inch silver pyramid studs which are perfect for bedazzling just about everything.

The first item in my wardrobe to be studded was my thrifted navy blazer. I used the gold studs for this piece to give a Givenchy feel to the blazer. (I'm thinking about ordering some 1 inch studs to add to my pattern to give a more authentic look.) I like the outcome a lot, and its easy enough to take the studs out and start over if you don't love the pattern you made.

Next was my Minnetonka ankle boots ala MK Olsen's Bess studded versions. Since I bought a larger stud, I opted to change up the pattern a little bit. So far I have only studded the upper ankle, however I am considering adding more. We will see :)

Finally, whilst I was browsing my neighborhood Target I came across the November issue of Teen Vogue (my favorite publication!) and just about died with joy. First off, none other than Rachel Bilson was on the cover...shes about as cute as a cupcake, and she was decked out in an amazing studded tshirt, layered ruffled dress, and studded belt. (cover pictured above) On the inside spread she was also wearing customized studded dresses, vests and tank tops. I took it upon myself to replicate her adorable studded tshirt, and my version was probably $90 cheaper than hers :)

My next studding project will be to stud some converse high top sneakers...they were also pictured in an editorial in the magazine. I just can't get over studs!!!!!!

How do you feel about them?

October 09, 2008

Its Been Awhile

This outfit was inspired by an outfit I saw a girl wearing on campus a few days ago. She looked effortless and chic in a ruffled floral chiffon dress and flat black suede over-the-knee boots.
Obviously I did my own take on it with black ripped tights, a grey men's cardi and heeled tall boots. (I wish I had an over-the-knee version.)

On another note, last night I watched Pretty in Pink and was overcome with the need to a: find myself a duckie and b: dye my hair bright molly ringwald red.

October 08, 2008

Maxxed Out Credit Cards + Designer Inspired Wares

If been doing a hefty amount of online shopping recently...I chalk it up to study stress. First off I combed the new U.S Topshop website for fall must haves and I found this amazing hole-ridden, Alex Wang inspired sweater dress. It was love at first sight... once I get it in the mail we will see if the love is reciprocated. (Should arrive within the next few days.) I plan to wear it to death this fall/ winter with long tshirts, slips, lame leggings, my new moccasin heels etc etc etc.

That brings me to my next purchase, these insanely cheap Balmain rip-off moccasin heels that I scored for $19.99 from Urban Original. They are probably crappy quality, but as long as the heel stays on I'm fine with them, since there is no way on this Earth I could find/afford the originals. ( Another reason I am ecstatic about the Alex Wang shoe collection- They are affordable unlike every other designer!)

Finally, I found pyramid studs online at studsandspikes.com so I can finally bedazzle my minnetonka mocs and my thrifted blazers. ( Of course MK inspired and Givenchy inspired) I need to come up with some original DIY projects sometime soon, but for now I am happy to borrow the fabulous ideas of others :)

Anybody have an fantastic fall purchases?