October 28, 2008

Your Heart Wont Heal Right If You Keep Tearing Out the Sutures

Today I finally broke out the new Topshop Alex-Wang-inspired sweater dress... and it was love. The yarn is really soft, which I wasn't expecting when I ordered it, and it actually is long enough to wear as a dress with a slip underneath (which is what I did). The only problem with the sweater is that there is obviously a draft :) I suppose a long sleeved shirt or thermal underneath would fix that problem right up.

Overall I give this sweater an A+! I can't wait to spend all of my christmas money at the Soho Topshop!

sweater dress-Topshop; white slip-Unknown; black tights-Target; boots-Nine West; jewelry-Vintage; grey purse-Urban Outfitters

In other news, I started watching the tv show, Fringe, on hulu and I think I actually like it. I loved Joshua Jackson as Pacey on Dawson's Creek, so he is a huge factor in my like of the show, however the plot is also cool in an X-Files meets Lost way. (Of course nothing can replace Lost as the best/most confusing/addicting show ever...the preview for season 5 looks insane and ridiculous and lovely)

Enjoy this freezing, possibly snowy/rainy afternoon :)


TAYLOR said...

amazing. your alexander wang inspired jumper is awesomness lol

Miranda* said...

thanks taylor! topshop is a winner :)

Kristin Joy said...
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