October 12, 2008

Studs and Studs and Studs, Oh My!

So its officially official, studs have taken over my life. They arrived in the mail about a week ago and since then I have discovered indefinite uses for these amazing pyramids of metal. I bought the 3/4 inch gold pyramid studs, and the 1/2 inch silver pyramid studs which are perfect for bedazzling just about everything.

The first item in my wardrobe to be studded was my thrifted navy blazer. I used the gold studs for this piece to give a Givenchy feel to the blazer. (I'm thinking about ordering some 1 inch studs to add to my pattern to give a more authentic look.) I like the outcome a lot, and its easy enough to take the studs out and start over if you don't love the pattern you made.

Next was my Minnetonka ankle boots ala MK Olsen's Bess studded versions. Since I bought a larger stud, I opted to change up the pattern a little bit. So far I have only studded the upper ankle, however I am considering adding more. We will see :)

Finally, whilst I was browsing my neighborhood Target I came across the November issue of Teen Vogue (my favorite publication!) and just about died with joy. First off, none other than Rachel Bilson was on the cover...shes about as cute as a cupcake, and she was decked out in an amazing studded tshirt, layered ruffled dress, and studded belt. (cover pictured above) On the inside spread she was also wearing customized studded dresses, vests and tank tops. I took it upon myself to replicate her adorable studded tshirt, and my version was probably $90 cheaper than hers :)

My next studding project will be to stud some converse high top sneakers...they were also pictured in an editorial in the magazine. I just can't get over studs!!!!!!

How do you feel about them?


Anonymous said...

love that white shirt <3 so cool :DD

Sasi said...

Good work! The blazer looks great! I don't think I can do that..

Miranda* said...

Thanks, its really easy so I'm sure you could do it too! :)