March 31, 2009


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March 28, 2009

Passing through Eden

photos by Tod Papageorge from the book Passing through Eden

Mid-spring, mid-morning--into the park
and downtown through the shimmering air,
each flush and pulse of light flashing quicksilver
through a net of dust, leaf and pollen.
Step by step, a camera hanging from my neck
beats my heart.

Green like the incontrovertible season,
I move through the high, untended tow-tipped grass,
supplicant, trainee, hunter, mule,
out here to photograph,
to call this intoxication to account
and press these lawns and palings
into pictures.

from a notebook dated 1978

March 27, 2009

Fuschia Fever

Went to a show Tuesday night in Baltimore. 5 bands for $5 is not a bad deal.

My new kill city jeans...i love getting good deals at :)

P.S- whose excited for THIS, and THIS...and THIS.

P.P.S- and of course THIS and THIS. :)

I just love watching trailers...sometimes a good trailer is better than an actual movie.

March 25, 2009

Shock me shock me shock me with that deviant behavior.

crop top-Thrifted Hanes kids tshirt; pleated skirt-Thrifted; tights-Target; beanie-F21; floral dr martens

Warren: Stop calling me Warren! My name isn't FUCKING WARREN!
Eddie: His name isn't Warren.
Corey: His name isn't Warren.
Berko: His name isn't Warren.
Mark: I thought his name was Warren?

March 23, 2009

Holy Grail

source: zappos

In my wildest dreams I could have never imagined this sequined pair of docs.

Today I am in awe.

My mind's such a sweet thing

My day in pictures.

Its the first day back from break, I'm exhausted, without a cellphone, and facing the realization that I have a lot to do before summer bliss begins.

Now its off to work for me. Hi Ho.

March 20, 2009

Oui oui!

Head to toe I love this premiere outfit. In general I am a big fan of Kristen Stewart's red carpet and casual style. She continuously picks gorgeous mini dresses and funky shoes for the red carpet. This ensemble might be my new favorite.

The makeup and hair is really understated and gorgeous as well. I especially like the ice blue eyeshadow with her green eyes...maybe I will save that makeup tip for future reference.

March 17, 2009

Pamela Love, love.

source: Refinery29

Pamela Love's pieces are right up my, unusual and totally funky.

The Etsy Alternative-(recession friendly)

Hummingbird Skull Necklace

EDIT: Links to Etsy jewelry now posted :)

sometime after all this bliss

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