March 05, 2009

Knock Knock

wearing my grandmother's giant star costume earrings

I am trying to get back into doorknocker/chandelier earrings
...its been far too long since I donned extremely and ridiculously large earrings during the day. In high school I had a pair of gold chandelier earrings with green stones that I wore almost everyday with almost anything. I loved those earrings, but I suppose I just grew out of them :( Time for a "journey to the past" as Anastasia would say.

Source: ebay

in other news...

Rock on BALMAIN!!!


I would love to party in any of these outfits. (Especially the 4th row looks.)
Balmain sure knows how to make a statement with very little material!


tis serendipity said...

Your grandma's earrings are totally cool! =D I love them... Wow such figure hugging outfits and stark silhouettes for Balmain this time. Would probably be tough to pull off unless you've got a model figure but great eye-candy nonetheless. <3


Wasson & Donaldson are so perfect to walk for Balmain!! and i love the studs! xx

gennie said...

hey I'm glad you liked my chain ring-bracelet :)

I buy my chain in random bead stores along 6th avenue in Manhattan... I don't really know where they would sell that kind of stuff online!! You kind of need to touch and feel chain in order to find the right one because they are all such varying weights!!
Sorry that's probably not very much help at all :/

Oh and my Miu miu boots are the ankle version!!

Andie said...

OMG BALMAIN!!! i really want those outfits!! but i cant party in them cuz im only like 14, so...yeah. WANT THEM ANYWAYS!! and cool earrings, but i dont really like gigantic earrings, cuz i dont really wear earrings, even though i have tons!

yiqin; said...

I actually like the 2nd last outfit! & the earrings are gorgeous