March 13, 2009

Paranoid park

Today I went on a little excursion with my landscape photography class. These pictures are some photographic notes from the day.

The trip was to one of the largest wooded areas in an urban area on the east coast. Its weird to be in a city and be surronded by woods, however its quite an unexpectedly nice area for hiking and summer picnics. I only wish my professor hadn't prefaced the trip by stating that 'many bodies were dumped here due to the fact that they would be hard to find.'

By the way, how beautiful is moss? Its really an enchanting ground covering, I always picture fairies making homes in the moss...


Sasi said...

I adore the fifth pic, it reminds me of many scenes from books and, these places must be magical to visit.

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

you took some really amazing photos honey! so inspiring..great eye :)

xx LM

J said...

Beautiful... love your work
I finally stepped up and claimed my award from you -
Thought I'd clue you in.. keep on being lovely