October 08, 2008

Maxxed Out Credit Cards + Designer Inspired Wares

If been doing a hefty amount of online shopping recently...I chalk it up to study stress. First off I combed the new U.S Topshop website for fall must haves and I found this amazing hole-ridden, Alex Wang inspired sweater dress. It was love at first sight... once I get it in the mail we will see if the love is reciprocated. (Should arrive within the next few days.) I plan to wear it to death this fall/ winter with long tshirts, slips, lame leggings, my new moccasin heels etc etc etc.

That brings me to my next purchase, these insanely cheap Balmain rip-off moccasin heels that I scored for $19.99 from Urban Original. They are probably crappy quality, but as long as the heel stays on I'm fine with them, since there is no way on this Earth I could find/afford the originals. ( Another reason I am ecstatic about the Alex Wang shoe collection- They are affordable unlike every other designer!)

Finally, I found pyramid studs online at studsandspikes.com so I can finally bedazzle my minnetonka mocs and my thrifted blazers. ( Of course MK inspired and Givenchy inspired) I need to come up with some original DIY projects sometime soon, but for now I am happy to borrow the fabulous ideas of others :)

Anybody have an fantastic fall purchases?

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TAYLOR said...

oh my gawd! i love your purchases!! they are amazinggg,, you have inspired me to get some stuff for spring (i live in australia :P)
xxxx love zoe-taylor