November 02, 2008

Dial M For Murder

I recently discovered this beautiful Alfred Hitchcock inspired photo shoot when searching for Norman Jean Roy photographs on the web. As a huge Hitchcock movie fan, these photos are exciting to see, however they are also technically beautiful photographs with a comedic modern twist. (Especially the first photograph where Seth Rogen portrays Cary Grant's character in North by Northwest)

I think Vanity Fair usually hits the mark with their photo shoots because they consistently hire the best photographers...Annie Leibowitz anyone? Vanity Fair also does photoshoots like this a lot where they have modern actors appear in multi page spreads with a common theme, my favorite being their spread from last year called Killers Kill, Dead Men Die. The photoshoot was done by Annie Leibowitz and featured about 25 of todays best actors and actresses in a film noir style shoot. If you haven't seen it make sure you check it out on the vanity fair website!

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