February 14, 2009

Got three dollars burning in my pocket

Urban Outfitters:


American Apparel:

With the weather so unseasonably warm this week I have been considering what pieces of clothing to add to my Spring wardrobe....

BTW, who's psyched for fashion week???


Anika said...

those topshop shoes are incredibly awesome, they're tempting me! do they come in any other colours (not a pink person)?

love the showcase...sometimes I just like to shop for accessories and simple basics like tees...it makes me happy :)

Have a great one bella

Lo said...

those shoes are great! let's go to urban when you get back, please :)

yiqin; said...

I am so psyched!! I keep staying up all night waiting for more collections to be posted <3

KALIN said...

Damn, that UO metallic fanny pack rules.


Anonymous said...

That fanny is cute. I have to say I'm not as enthusiastic about fashion week this year for some reason. I did check out Rag and Bone's collection today which seems pretty cool.

Andie said...

nice choices, especially the black AA dress, LOVE IT
tagged you :)

KATLIN said...

Oooh! Love the picks! Esp love the black UO top and purple Topshop heels. The heels are slightly trashy, but I think on the right person they'd look amazing!

Rylie said...

I can't wait for fashion week.

(i actually almost forgot about it, jeez)

hope you have a good one :)