December 09, 2008

Guest Star

I figured it was about time I posted pictures of my extremely fashionable and chic roommate, Meredith, because everyday she just looks so cute and pulled together.

This outfit is my new favorite of Meredith's. She used a thrifted pleated maxi skirt she bought over the weekend, and rather than cut it, limiting the uses, she pinned it so that it became a mini bubble skirt. Since the skirt is just pinned, she can wear it in the future as a high waisted long skirt, or even a strapless mini dress (which is quite adorable and summery!) The skirt is shown here paired with some of her closet staples, such as the brown leather riding boots, large buckled waist belt, orange pashmina, and a plain black turtle neck sweater.

The final toppings are a new Forever 21 rose ring, a boutique bracelet (similar to the one by CC Skye) and a J. Crew bright blue pea coat.

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