September 03, 2008

You Love the People That Love You

I just moved back to school so that accounts for the lack of posts and the change of scenery. Now I am back and ready for fall to kick into gear, however since it is still 90 degrees out I am wearing summer styles like this ^^^ everyday. Here I have added my new minnetonka ankle booties which I plan to customize just as soon as I find studs (anyone know where to look? I haven't found any at Michaels or other art supply stores)

In the bottom picture you can also see another one of my spectacular finds from my mother's old trunk. The silver belt is part of the Train Cases and Indian Treasures category. I found it a year ago but just started wearing it; its real silver, and it is woven with a row of different patterned coins on top. ( I will try and post a close-up later)

For everyone that is back to school today, enjoy your classes!

P.S- For any t.v. lovers out there, I watched the new 90210 last night and I'm not really sure what I think of it yet; it's a little awkward. I feel like I would prefer the original because I love old 90s shows...I may have to go buy the first season on dvd :)

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