September 05, 2009


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So clearly there has been a major slowdown with posts as of late, but I assure you all that there is a good reason. I've moved to Florence! I will be living here for the next 4 months; studying art, taking tons of photographs, eating my weight in pizza and gelato and enjoying the tuscan countryside and all that Europe has to offer. I just yesterday got my internet situation squared away, however the internet here is a little slow so its going to take me a few days to figure out the best way to post. I hope you will all stick around to enjoy Blue Babydoll:Italy Edition.


Allegra said...

yaay florence! oh so cool! I'm jealoused

Anonymous said...

im jealous i wanna be in florence, with the fashion and culture and shopping! and by the way i love your blog :)

Ace said...

Wow am I jealous. Ever since spending the summer with my European roommates I'm itching to get back over the big pond. Enjoy!

Grace said...


Love Grace.

Unknown said...

Congrats and good luck! Keep us updated. ;D

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