October 09, 2009

Current Events

So posting has considerably slowed down on my blog and I do apologize, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, life just gets in the way of blogging sometimes :)

Heres my current hit list

-searching endlessly for the perfect vintage loafers! I am totally not a loafer kind of girl at first sight, but being here in Florence and witnessing all the perfectly chic and preppy women riding there bicycles in their loafers and sundresses makes me hopeful that maybe I can pull off a little preppy twist in my otherwise (currently) grungey wardrobe.

-scouring vintage and thrift shops for leather purses, slip dresses, faux fur coats and funky accessories- I've already picked up two gorgeous vintage mini dresses (I will post pictures soon!)-Florence seriously has some of the best vintage stores I've ever seen!

-enjoying my time just wandering the city and photographing. I love the idea of keeping a visual notebook. Using my camera to take notes on my life here. Photographing anything and everything that appeals to me and that memorializes my time here.

-learning how to cook delicious Italian food. My roommates here spoil me by cooking amazing food for me all the time, so its about time that I contribute something of my own besides buying the wine. I did however come up with a delicious cocktail (suited for brunch more than anything)- its a mamosa of champagne and lichee juice. So good!

-thinking about travelling to Sienna for a day trip next weekend. Theres a show of Francesca Woodman's photography. She has fast become one of my favorites! If you don't know her work I suggest you look her up pronto. Its made up of beautifully dreamy and haunting images of the human figure.

What have you all been up to??

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