December 01, 2009


Since I've spent the last 3 months in Italy, surrounded by high fashion in Milan and amazing leather in Florence I have developed a few major bag crushes. To say that they are unrequited would be an understatement considering at least one has a waitlist and another is around $3000, but hey, you can't help what your attracted to, and I am attracted to very very VERY expensive purses.

Here they are for your viewing pleasure...
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The classic Hermes Kelly bag. I prefer the smaller Kelly to the Birkin-I love that it has an additional cross-body strap! They have tons of amazing leather knockoffs here in Florence and I have been majorly tempted to buy one.

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The new Prada Saffiano bag. I love the burgandy color and the addition of the longer strap as well...its perfect for everyday wear-which is what I would need if I was going to spend big bucks on a bag.

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Finally, last but not least, the Fendi Peekaboo bag. Fendi always has many variations on one bag and these two versions are my top favorites(though I do love the tobacco brown version as well). This is such a gorgeous bag! I love the design of it and the way it hangs on your arm. It kind of has the feel of the Kelly or the Birkin but with a softer structure to it. Thats one of my only arguments with the Hermes bags-they are a little too structured, I think I would want to buy one that was vintage or a little ruffed up.


mens casual jacket said...

These are gorgeous! Especially the bottom left one

SOS! said...

i want the peekaboo. i am a total mulberry bag fan myself.
enjoy milan!
SOS-er fi xx

Grace said...

How I'd love to have me a Hermes!

Love Grace.