February 09, 2009


This weekend I attended a Birthday ball. I got to dress up in fancy clothes...what could be better? This dress is so puffy it kind of needs an occasion to be worn.

Photos courtesy of my lovely friend Lo.

Check out her BLOG.


My new dress finally arrived. Its everything I could have ever expected from an Alexander Wang piece. Simple, soft, comfortable and slinky. Pictures to come. :)


Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

hANG ON! what did you get from a wang?! share share!

u look very cute with all your gal pals too :)
xx LM

Vintage Lollipops said...

The dress is oh so lovely, especially with red lips. Gorgeous!

yiqin; said...

Alex wang dress?!?!?! I WANT TO SEE!

Anika said...

Oooh, lucky girl....I too would lover to see what you got from Wang :)

Zoë said...

wow love that dress. gorgeous!


filthy lust said...

ooh, great dress.

Sasi said...

What a cute dress!! Looks like yo girls had fun:)