May 23, 2009

fake teenagers

One of my heroes in life is Buffy. She is no doubt the most kick-ass character to ever exist in the world of pop culture. Girl power personified. I even dressed up as Buffy for halloween one year...actually a bunch of my friends dressed up as characters from Buffy. It was a total dream come true!

These photos are from one of the many Entertainment Weekly spreads devoted to the teen stars of The WB in the late 90's. I believe Sarah Michelle Gellar has graced the cover of the magazine around 10 times. Oh how I miss the days of Buffy in primetime! Seriously, The CW will never live up to the legacy of its parents. :(

I mean, yea, there are some tv shows on the network that I continue to watch, much to my own dismay, but nothing as thought-provoking, well-acted, or stimulating as
Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Every show nowadays has to have a complicated plot, though I do admit Buffy was a wee bit complex, all the characters have to have wardrobes full of designer duds, and everyone has to be gorgeous no matter if the character is supposed to be a geek or a loner. In what universe would Dan Humphrey be ostrasized for being a loner? (Its like the Lucas Scott syndrom, lets cast the hottest actor possible as the loner, freak character and try and convince the female teen population that you too can discover a hidden hottie in your school.)

In what normal reality does a 17-year-old dress in Chanel and always have perfectly combed hair and a face full of makeup? I remember on
Dawson's Creek the actresses barely covered up their zits for the camera. They may have been completely over-the-top characters, using ridiculously large vocabularies and constantly analyzing everything, but at least they looked fairly human.

Liz and Maria of
Roswell held jobs, and Veronica Mars frequently attended class, which is much more than I can say for the cast of Gossip Girl. I mean those kids just graduated and I don't think we ever saw them do or talk about doing anything studious. Between all of Buffy's slaying of demons she even managed to fit in some craming for finals! Clearly my passion for television could allow me to continue this rant for quite a while, but I will restrain myself and continue to hope for the return of good teen television.


Rackk and Ruin said...

dude, i was literally obsessed with buffy in middle school. When i read back on my old diaries i talk about how excited i am for the new episodes. . . i definitely need to rent season one of buffy and have a killer veg-session. I thought she was the hottest thing ever, and angel was such a babe.
Man, Buffy rocked.

Lo said...

I'm going to start watching it soon! Also, come live with me. kay.

Irene said...

AAAAhahahahha... omg it's true in all the episodes of gg I've seen, I think I've only ever seen Blair talk about school once and that was when she was getting someone else to do her homework for her, hahaha...

This is too funny. God, I miss Buffy...

Ace said...

Buffy is my all time favourite show. I own every single season and, much to his dismay, got my boyfriend totally addicted as well. It was always my mom and I's thing to watch it, even through the tumultuous teenage years. I always loved Buffy because she was so imperfect, she was as lost as I felt. I also always felt like, ok, my life is shitty sometimes, but at least I don't have to save the word from unspeakable evils and do my english paper. I'm seriously considering getting that five by five tattoo you posted. Too lame?