July 25, 2009

now there's a key where my wonderful mouth used to be

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Looks a little bit like I have jaundice in this picture, but I assure you all that I do not :)

Now getting down to business...

While I was driving home from an excruciatingly tiring trip to Charlottesville I realized that I a) want to get to know my readers and fellow bloggers a little better and b) need some good recommendations. My solution? I would love for any of you with some time to fill out a little questionairre (you can just write your answers in my comments) about a few of your favorite things (I love these kinds of lists!)

Cue the Von Trapp family montage in your head!

(if you have multiple answers feel free to share as many as you like)


3.scary movie
4.guilty pleasure
5.snack food
6.oldies song
7.piece of jewelry
10.tv show
12.80's movie
15.child star
16.band/song (at the moment)
17.greek god/goddess
18.disney villian

Hope you enjoy!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. I've read a lot of books, but, there's one I never forgot. "The little prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry;

2."The Emperor's New Clothes" by Hans Christian Andersen;

3. 13 ghosts. I'm not a scary movie person though;

4. Celebrity gossip websites.I don't comment or read peoples comments (the majority say pretty negative things about people they don't even know (how sad). I need to stop;

5. Cheetos and Doritos;

6. Patti Smith-Gloria;

7.Chunky rings and multiple necklaces;

8. I really can't choose right now. I love too many;

9.Zachary Quinto and Cate Blanchett.Great personalities(and love their acting skills too obviously);

10. Here it comes the cliché:) Sex and the city;

11.Grape tomatoes;

12. The breakfast club;

14. Dove(...) (I don't remember the rest -.-');

15.Dakota Fanning;

16.It's hard, but maybe Sway by The Kooks;

17. Aphrodite and Athena;

18.Cruela de Vil, Sid Phillips, Ursula, Jafar and Queen of hearts;

19. Jade(Jadeite) and Amber.

20. Can't choose.