September 10, 2009

lets catch up...

So I've been a very absent blogger lately, but like I said I have good reason to be a little frazzled. Being in a new city, country, continent. Not being able to speak the language. It all adds up to madness on my end. But here is my first real post from Florence.

Heres whats on my mind.

Here I am in Florence!

Still reeling from the death of John Hughes. I had always hoped that he would come out of hibernation sometime and start writing/directing teen movies again. He really was the greatest. I mean he came up with Baby's Day Out, probably my favorite movie as a child, and he created Duckie! Enough said.

Yes I do watch that ABC family show, Make it or break it, and I'm not ashamed of it...well not too ashamed at least. The boys are so adorable!

Remember when Rachel Leigh Cook was the "anti-cool" cool girl? Well I remember and I think she's still all that.

A little fall outerwear inspiration. I just bought a very similar coat to Behati Prinsloo's.

I love the new crop of teen stars featured in this month's Teen Vogue ( with Taylor Lautner on the cover). Taylor Lautner is playing my favorite character from the Twilight Series, but even if he wasn't I would still like him. He's all smiles and it puts me in a good mood.

I just found out about Dead Man's Bones and this song has been playing on repeat everyday. I like the idea of a band with a real theme. Spooky music with a hint of children's recital. Plus it doesn't hurt that Ryan Gosling makes up half of the band.

I'm missing Skins series 1, especially Cassie and Sid! They need to show up in the new series, pronto! WOW, that would be LOVELY.

Old school Ashely Olsen when she was a little grungier and much less minimalistic. Its fascinating to witness her stylistic evolution. I just found a ear-flap hat very similar to Ashely's (on the left) at the central market in Florence. I've been searching for that hat since I first saw this picture in like 2005.

I love how she wore her pearldrop necklace backwards.

A nice little candid moment.

Yummy mittens. I love the word mittens.

I'm thinking of doing some fashion photography while I'm here in Florence. Richard Avedon's work was totally groundbreaking. The hints of the city are a wonderful accent to the clothes.

I love the idea of using the camera as a sort of notebook or journal. A visual description of day to day life. Lina Scheynus does that particularly well. She has some very intimate and personal moments on film. I hope to document my life in Italy in a similar way.

Shopping has been on my brain since arriving in Rome and being met by a giant Gucci billboard with a 10 foot tall Raquel Zimmerman on it. I have seen tons of things I would love to purchase, however so far I have been restraining myself. After all it has only been a week since I arrived. There is so much more to see. However there is a stand in the central market full of beautiful vintage clothing including a completely righteous fringed leather jacket and about 10 bags I want in my closet. I think a purchase from there will be a necessity before leaving. I've also spotted some very Chloe Fall 2009-esque ankle boots.

On my mind clothes wise for fall/winter are sturdy boots(United Colors of Benneton), faux fur leopard coats(Urban Outfitters), lacey dresses, cable knit tights, things that lace-up, lots of jewelry, and bright colored lips.


Ace said...

Ooooh Rachel Leigh Cook looks awesome there. I had forgotten about her!

Tiffany Ling Tse said...

Love that Ashley Olsen pic! I didn't even notice that she wore the pearldrop necklace backwards...but I love that little detail about her outfit.

Ania said...

bet it's hard in the beginning but good luck!
it's really a great opportunity take some photos and take advantage of the amazing surroundings

AMIT said...

She looks awesome.Nice pictures.

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