April 11, 2009

a few things

I need this bright purple earring! Its the perfect alternative to actually streaking your hair with color...good for scaredy-cats like me :) Plus its super gorgeous.

You can find your own treasure here.

studded chiffon? yes!

The eternal debate of short versus long hair...erin makes every hair cut/style look good. I mean have you seen her side ponytail?

Finally saw all of Brick, I couldn't deny myself a Joseph Gordon-Levitt flick for too long. Speaking of JGL, can't wait for 500 Days of Summer.

JGL + Zooey Deschanel= *heart exploding goodness!

How beautiful are these headpieces? I need to wear this on my wedding day. A fabulous alternative to the veil. Find these amazing pieces here.


Rackk and Ruin said...

I can definitely make more of them. . . i'm planning on photographing/posting a bunch of new pieces today but i will try to make a few more of those earrings as well! would you mind adding a link to my etsy site/blog under your post about my earring?? that would be totally awsome! I would love to make a custom piece for you, what did you have in mind?

Tiffany Ling Tse said...

Ooh, this was a whole series of very lovely and inspiring pictures. I love the Erin pics and the beautiful headpiece at the end! I want it!

Sasi said...

That studded blouse it a genial idea.