April 02, 2009

the stale taste of recycled air

Photo: Carter Smith; styled by Erin Wasson via Elle.com

This cast is completely awesome. Freida is gorgeous, Michael Angarano is seriously stylin, Krysten Ritter has had my love since her days as Gia on Veronica Mars and all the bleached denim, crop tops and floral are hurting my heart. Plus its all styled by the one and only Erin Wasson.

Doesn't get much better does it?

By the way, doesn't this look kind of like it could be the remake of Singles?


electric feel said...

love your blog
and the shoots

sandy said...

Hey! Got your link from fashionchat.forumandco.com!

Great pictures, all in all cool blog!

Greetings from Norway!


Tiffany Ling Tse said...

I absolutely fell in love with this photoshoot when I saw it in the magazine :) I love all of them! And I love how pretty Freida was styled all grungy :)