July 20, 2009

black eye

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This weekend in review...

  • eating delicious homemade eggplant parm, fruit salad, and amazing chocolate-chip cookie dough cupcakes
  • spending hours applying alien princess and harajuku girls makeup
  • photographing said makeup ("now you're an angry alien princess!" **click click**)
  • watching too much junk tv...degrassi, john tucker must die, that 70's show??
  • being pounced on as my wake up call
  • driving down the highway blasting stars and singing along
  • spending hours gazing at ferocious tigers and funny elephants at the zoo
  • not getting to see the pandas :(
  • being mesmerized by the flowing coral and glowing jelly fish
  • eating turkey burgers and fries at good ol' johnny rockets!
  • resisting the urge to buy a chocolate malt at johnny rockets!
  • immediately rushing to starbucks after lunch for much needed caffeine and proceeding to have loud conversations about ridiculous inappropriate things
  • walking around the d.c. mall, taking the most touristy pictures possible (ie: holding the washington monument in our hands)
  • reflecting upon life in front of the reflection pool
  • gorging on cupcakes for dinner...no real food being consumed
  • overload of sugar leading to fits of giggles and hysterics
  • stressing ourselves out by partaking in some phase 10
  • going to bed completely exhausted, sore, and cupcake-filled...

the best weekend in a long time...its good to have amazing friends!


Sasi said...

The 4th is fabulous, really.

Raez said...

haha! this is awesome:):) you know me, i love experimental makeup!

xx raez

Rackk and Ruin said...

Great makeup!!!