July 13, 2009

jaleo hello

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black slip worn as top-Mom's; leather belt-Mom's; tweed jacket-Grandmother's; shorts-Levis; cowboy boots-Chelsea Flea Market; claw necklace-Festival

I went into D.C. today for a tapas dinner and ice cream. Apparently our restaurant was a block away from a jonas brother's concert. It was a madhouse. My sister and I were surrounded by tween girls and their mothers sporting 'I <3> brothers' tshirts and holding signs reading " I'll be your lovebug Joe"...I mean I love me some Jonas, but it just made me fear for my life. I give so much credit to the parents who brave tween concerts for the sake of their children. They are stronger and braver than I.


Obscura said...

cute! I like the shorts peaking from underneath...


Baybay Mama said...

OMG That must have been so crazy. Those Jonas bros fans are insane. I think I want to be a parent when I have kids that would take my kids to something that they love. Great necklace.

Jules said...

Love the jacket. So great on you! =D Looking forward on your next post.=D