July 14, 2009

mosquito bites

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Image Hosted by <span class=jewelry- snake ring-Paris Flea Market; gold bangles-Grandmother's; silver and thread cuff-Buenos Aires; claw necklace-Festival
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I braved an army of mosquitoes to get these photographs. I think my legs got the worst of the bites yet again.

Also there is a little bit of an image overload here. It's hard to get the right shot when you're both in front of and behind the lens so to speak. Hopefully as time goes on I can perfect the art of outfit shots!

Ultimately I would like to shoot other people as well, however not too many of my friends are around this summer... the curse of having mismatched schedules I guess. This weekend however a few friends are coming to visit so I hope to get some good shots! Fashion isn't really their thing, but that doesn't matter much in our friendship. In fact I have little in common interest-wise with many of my very best friends. Hmmm, I wonder what that says?

Now I think its time for me to sit down and watch this weeks True Blood! Maybe "Vampire Bill" (I can't help but laugh when I say that in my head) will go on a shopping spree at forever 21 again....

wearing- neon muscle tee-Cut up Hanes; pocket skirt-AA; leather and python belt-Mom's; paint splattered flip flops-Old Navy; lace bra-F21; straw hat-Mom's


Blue is in Fashion this Year said...

Nice blog :)

Jess-Gab said...

You look so cute, I love your style

jessica said...

ah, i know your problem ..
but you look great in front/behind the camera anyways :)

yiqin; said...

I love your top & belt! Goes so well together :)

Lauren Goddard said...

The colour of your shirt is so rad. Annoying schedules with my friends too.

x x x

pink horrorshow said...

I've been looking for some excellent snake rings for a while now but nothing fits :(

The greenish yellow top looks really pretty against your pale skin. Lovely!

Lo said...

I love that cuff!soo..

1. I am so excited about your camera! I have been saving desperately to buy a new lens. It is probably my biggest goal this year (sadly)
2. I'm going to write you a letter, kay? because we will be penpals. and from there we will work on an exciting di.
3. I feel like you would have a twitter. If not make one, so I am not alone.
4. you look and sound like you are having a good time
5. I love harry potter