January 11, 2009

All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth.

Today I spent my day at a Richard Avedon exhibit that was just spectacular. The show was titled "Portraits of Power" and was just a beautiful representation of the theme of power that resonates in all of Avedon's work.

After walking through the exhibit we found a camera set up where visitors could take their own Avedon-esque photographs with a shutter release. Needless to say my mother, sister and I had a good time photographing ourselves. All the pictures were then immediately displayed on a ginormous Screen in the middle of the Corcoran. I was famous and on display in the nation's capital for 5 seconds!

The rest of the rainy and gray afternoon was spent, as many rainy days are, at the mall, watching a movie (Marley & Me- pretty cute and sweet actually), shopping (Urban Outfitters- I bought the picture companion book to Sex and the City the Movie) and eating ridiculously large burritos (Chipotle of course; it was my mom's first taste of the devil that is Chipotle).

Anyone seen Milk?
I can't wait to see it personally...
James Franco, check; Emile Hirsh, check; golden globe nominated, check.


Vintage Lollipops said...

I love finding those random photobooths. And wow, great blog title... amazing pictures!
Truly adorable.


SparkleQueen said...

Cute pictures :)